Frankford Food Pantry

The Frankford Food Pantry (FFP) is a non-profit organization by local churches, service clubs and businesses that seeks to supplement the food requirements for our local community. The FFP is located at the Community Christian Reformed Church in Frankford but its board members and volunteers represent the wider community.


We provide approximately three days worth of food once per month to qualified users in with a postal code within Frankford, Batawa and Stockdale in order to bridge shortfalls in food resources.

  • Wednesdays - 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

    Fridays - 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

    Holidays & Special Events - Closed and will be posted - please check the calendar

  • 1. Who can use the Food Pantry?

    ​Anyone with a postal code belonging to the Frankford, Stockdale and Batawa area. We won't turn anyone down that is in need...

    2. How do I sign up to use the Food Pantry?

    Just bring proof of income, proof of address, your ID and something stating how many people are in your family.


    3. What happens to my personal information and who will see it?

    All information taken by our intake will be filed and is in TOTAL CONFIDENTIALITY. All Volunteers have signed confidentiality papers to keep all information private and personal and will not be shared.

    4. Do I need to belong to the church?

    Even though the food pantry is located at the Community Christian Reformed Church , you do not need to be a member to use the food pantry. We encourage everyone in need to seek out our services.


    5. How much food can I get from the Food Pantry and how many times can I come in?

    We prepare the food based on the number of people in your family and what is available. We aim to provide 3 days worth of food. Substitutions are sometimes available. You may use the Food Pantry once per month . ( We will help in EXTREME SITUATIONS ONLY for more food in a one month period ). 


    6. What do I need to do when i come in?

    During COVID, things changed. We ask that one family come into the pantry at a time, wearing a mask. The volunteers will collect the food for you.  NOW***  We still ask that only one member of the family come in to the build, just to keep things safe for everyone.  Wear a mask if YOU are sick or if you choose, it is not required.  We are returning to the Pre-Covid procedure and clients will be able to select from the shelves themselves.  We are seeking to restore dignity to people in need, and feel this is an important step in that process. 


    7. What if I need a little more food to get through the month?

    After using the Food Pantry , You may also go down to the Trenton Food Bank as well. It is located at: 38 Guelph St, Trenton, ON K8V 4G4 Phone: (613) 394-5551


    8. How do I donate?

    Donations of food, cash or cheque can be dropped off at the Community Christian Reformed Church ( Please put in memo line or on envelope Frankford Food Pantry and make payable to the Community Christian Reformed Church ).

  • If there is an emergency, please contact Joe Dierijck ----------- (613) 398 - 0077  (Team Leader)

Thank YOU Frankford Community!

We are so thankful that we belong to a community that supports one another! Recently different groups in our community have been a big help! The Frankford Public School Grade 7/8s dropped off their school's donations as did the Fire Department! Thanks for your support!